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Crafting Brands,
Creating Homes

At Studio 62, we embark on a creative journey with a heart deeply rooted in design and authenticity. Our story originates from a wanderer's spirit and an unwavering love for crafting brands that resonate.

Studio 62 isn't just a design space—it's a haven where female entrepreneurs can find the support and camaraderie reminiscent of the embrace of home. As I once found strength and encouragement from my roots, I want Studio 62 to be that 'home away from home' for our clients. A space where you're not just a client, but a valued partner, and where your brand's essence is nurtured.



Where warmth, connection, and creativity blend to make your brand bloom

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The Heart Behind Studio 62

Elizabeth, the founder of Studio 62, shares a profound belief in the power of creating a sense of 'home' in every endeavor. Her experiences as a digital nomad have shown her that even while navigating the unfamiliar, the embrace of a supportive community can make any place feel like home. With Studio 62, Elizabeth seeks to bring that very essence to your brand, providing a space where you can find the same support and camaraderie that feels like coming home.


Elizabeth's journey has taught her the significance of authenticity, no matter where life takes you. Just as she found a sense of 'home' through connections and shared experiences, she is committed to creating that genuine sense of belonging for your brand. The designs we create aren't just visuals; they're reflections of your brand's soul, resonating with your audience in a way that feels familiar and inviting, like the comfort of home.

Let's create something authentic and thoughtful together

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